School Contact Details

For more detailed contact information see BABS School Office or the BSB Student Office.

Mailing Address

School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences
UNSW Australia
Sydney  NSW  2052   Australia

Courier address*

School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences
The University of New South Wales
Biological Sciences Building (Building D26)
Level 2 Room 229
Enter via Gate 11 Botany Street
Kensington  NSW  2033

Find us on Google Maps or refer to the UNSW Kensington Campus Map.

                     Biosciences Building - Entry foyer

*NB: large items should be delivered to the Faculty Store

Faculty of Science Store, Upper Campus

Location:  Lower Ground Floor, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, Building C25
Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday 7:30am-12:30pm and 1pm-4pm (closed 12:30pm-1pm)

Delivery Directions

For delivery trucks less than 3.7m high

  • Enter campus via Gate 11 Botany Street
  • At the carpark road junction, bear right onto Library Walk and proceed for 50m
  • Turn right into Chancellery Walk and drive into the loading dock area - boom gate will lift automatically
  • Enter the BioSciences link wing by way of the steps or the hoist (instructions are on the hoist door)
  • Turn left into the hallway; turn right at the end, and head east until you reach the corridor on your left
  • Take one of the two lifts at the eastern end of the building to Lower Ground
  • Proceed down the corridor until you reach the store

For delivery trucks over 3.7m high, contact the purchaser to arrange delivery via Gate 9 High Street.