Elective and General Education Course Suggestions

The purpose of this page is to provide those students who are undertaking BABS majors with suggestions for choosing science electives, free electives and general education courses. These particular courses are suggested as they may interest BABS students and/or complement BABS majors.

NB: BABS students are not expected to choose their electives and general education courses solely from the list below.

Differences between science electives, free electives and general education courses:

Science electives are courses offered by any School within the Faculty of Science. The prefix for all Schools in the Faculty of Science are listed below. Students are only permitted to select courses with these prefixes for their Science electives.

Free electives can be courses offered by the Faculty of Science (see table above) OR offered by any other Faculty at UNSW. Note that students are NOT permitted to select ‘GEN’-coded courses for their free electives.

General Education courses must be courses that are NOT offered by the Faculty of Science. Further information on General Education courses together with a comprehensive list of courses available can be found in the UNSW Online Handbook. BABS student may choose any course from this list EXCEPT those listed under the Faculty of Science. 

Rules regarding Stage 1 courses

Students are reminded that a maximum of 72 units of credit of Level I courses can be taken throughout their Program. These 72 units of credit include any 'GEN' course or mainstream Level I course taken to fulfil the 12 UOC General Education requirement.

Elective and General Education courses - suggestions

The following suggestions are grouped into topic categories. NB: Please be aware that some courses have prerequisite requirements. Links to the Online Handbook are provided for further information. Students should direct further queries regarding enrolment or course content to the relevant School or Faculty running the course.

SE indicates that the course can be taken as a Science elective
FE indicates that the course can be taken as a free elective

GE indicates that the course can be taken as a General Education elective

BABS elective
BIOT3081 Environmental Biotechnology (SE, FE)

BEES elective
BEES6741 Astrobiology: Life in the Universe (SE, FE)

BEES2041 Data Analysis for Life and Earth Sciences (SE, FE)
BINF2010 Introduction to Bioinformatics 1 (FE, GE)
BINF3010 Bioinformatics Methods and Applications (FE, GE)

Business Studies
GENC3004 Personal Finance (GE)
GENC7002 Getting Into Business (GE)
GENC7003 Managing Your Business (GE)
MGMT2725 Career Planning and Management (FE, GE)
MGMT2010 Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Principles and Practice

PHYS1110 Everyday Physics (SE, FE) - fully online course
PHYS1160 Introduction to Astronomy (SE, FE) - fully online course

GENL2323 Owning Creativity: Issues in Intellectual Property (GE)
GENL2456 Innovation Law and Policy (GE)

Professional Practice
DIPP1110 Introduction to Global Citizenship (FE, GE)
DIPP1111 Introduction to Leadership and Professional Practice (FE, GE)
DIPP1112 Introduction to the Workplace (FE, GE)

BIOM1010 Engineering in Medicine and Biology (FE, GE)
CEIC1000 Sustainable Product Engineering and Design (FE, GE)
SOLA1070 Sustainable Energy (FE, GE)

Environmental studies
ARTS1240 Environment and Society (FE, GE)
ARTS2240 Environment, Sustainability and Development (FE, GE)
GEOS2241 Peak Carbon: Climate Change and Energy Policy (FE, GE)
ARTS2242 The Politics of Climate Change (FE, GE)
ARTS2243 Waste and Society (FE, GE)
ARTS2244 Rethinking Wildlife: Philosophy, Biodiversity, Extinction (FE, GE) 
BIOS1301 Ecology, Sustainability and Environmental Science (SE, FE)
CHEM3901 Environmental Toxicology (SE, FE)
GENE1011 From Catchment to Ocean (GE)
GEOS1701 Environmental Systems and Processes (SE, FE)
GEOS3911 Environmental Impact Assessment (SE, FE)

Food Technology
FOOD1120 Introduction to Food Science (SE, FE)
FOOD2320 Food Microbiology (SE, FE)
FOOD3010 Food Preservation (SE, FE)
FOOD3030 Food Safety and Quality Assurance (SE, FE)

Medicine/Medical Science
ANAT2521 Evolution of Human Structure (SE, FE)
GENM0202 Frontiers in Neuroscience (GE)
GENM0295 Personalised Medicine (GE)
GENM0510 Managing Media (GE)
GENM0518 Health and Power in an Internet Age (GE)
GENM0703 Concepts of Physical Activity, Exercise & Health (GE)
GENM0707 Nutrition and Health (GE)
GENM0804 Lifestyle, Health and Disease (GE)
PATH3208 Cancer Sciences: Research Design, Measurement & Evaluation (SE, FE)

History and Philosophy of Science
ARTS2303 On Drugs: Industry, Science and Medicine Since 1900 (FE, GE)
SCIF1004 Science and the Cinema (SE, FE)

PSYC1001 Psychology 1A (SE, FE)
PSYC1011 Psychology 1B (SE, FE)
PSYC1022 The Psychology of Addiction (SE, FE) – fully online course
PSYC1023 Abnormal Psychology (SE, FE)
PSYC1024 Clinical Perspectives on Anxiety, Mood and Stress (SE, FE)
SCIF0007 Science of Student Success (SE, FE)

Social Science/Anthropology
ARTS1870 Rethinking the Social (FE, GE)
ARTS2877 Technologies, Culture, Society (FE, GE)
BIOS3711 Biological Anthropology B: Human Evolution (SE, FE)
COMM1000 Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact (FE, GE)

If you are a BABS student and have any other suggestions for interesting elective/general education courses, please email us at BABStudent@unsw.edu.au