Reporting Hazards & Incidents

Hazards and Incidents

There are a number of situations and circumstances that can result in hazards or incidents in the modern workplace. Hazards and incidents are defined by the following (WHS Act 2011 & WHS Regulation 2011).

Hazard is a source of potential harm or a situation with the potential to cause harm to people, property or the environment.

A WHS incident is any unplanned event that occurs in the course of work, which could result in:

  • workplace illness
  • uncontrolled fire and explosion
  • physical injuries
  • equipment, plant or property damage
  • dangerous occurrences which could have but did not injure any person
  • exposure to hazardous substances or circumstances
  • minor injuries
  • any other incident that could put employees or plant at risk

Serious incident:
(a) an incident that has resulted in a person being killed, or
(b) any other incident prescribed by the H&S regulations for the purposes of this definition.

The School of BABS follows the UNSW HS307 Hazard and Incident Reporting Procedure. For further information, please visit the UNSW WHS website

Reporting Hazards and Incidents in BABS

All hazards and incidents in BABS must be reported online through the myUNSW online reporting system and alert your supervisor immediately. For further assistance, contact the BABS WHS Manager.

Here are the steps to follow when reporting an incident:

1. Go to myUNSW

2. Login with your staff/student ID and Zpass

3. Click “my staff” or “my student” profile tab

4. Scroll down to the Report/Manage OHS&E Issues

5. Follow the prompts

NB: On the first page in the "This issue relates to" box, the following options are available - please ensure you select the correct option:

  • WHS Hazard - Anything that needs to be fixed before it results in an incident; e.g. building damage, spills, faulty equipment, etc.
  • WHS Incident/Injury - Anything that happens that results in an injury or a 'near miss'
  • Environment - Any issue where the environment may be affected/has the potential to be affected (chemical/biological spills, etc.)
  • Workplace Inspection - Anything to do with issues identified from local workplace inspections 
  • Fist Aid - Any situation where first aid was needed to be administered (this also requires an incident report where necessary)
  • Security - Any situation, such as theft, harassment, danger to personal safety, etc.


For further information on filling out the myUNSW online system, please refer to the following guide HS713 Guide to reporting hazards and incidents online.

BABS Supervisors

For supervisors, the following additional guides are available to assist you in managing hazards or incidents as reported by any of your staff/students: