Characterisation of Phagemid Monoclonal Antibody Fragments to the Dominant Peanut Allergen Protein AraH1

Subject area and aims: Peanut allergy is one of the most severe and most common food allergies reported in Western diets. This project aims to contribute toward immunoassay development for peanut proteins. In particular, this project will focus on the characterisation of monoclonal Fab fragments isolated against native purified AraH1 using phage display.

Background: Peanut allergy arises due to an allergic response to one of eight identified proteins (AraH1-8). In order to develop immunoassays to a selection of these antigens, we have isolated monoclonal antibodies via phage display, reactive the protein AraH1. The antibodies will be produced and purified and will be characterised for functionality. Competitive assays will be undertaken in order to map epitope specificity of the monoclonals isolated.

Significance and current work: Currently, we have developed protocols to purify native and recombinant forms of peanut proteins. The ability to have access to purified native and recombinant forms of these allergen proteins as well as specific monoclonals will significantly enhance progress toward immunoassay development.

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