DNA tests developed from research performed primarily within BABS under the supervision of the late Associate Professor Alan Wilton are available to assess domestic dog introgression into dingoes, or dingo purity. This genetic testing is overseen by Professor Bill Ballard.

Guidelines, Pricing and Payment: How to Book Tests (From Within Australia Only)


  1. For full details, please refer to the Dingo DNA Submission Instructions
  2. We accept tissue samples, blood samples (in EDTA or on FTA cards) and buccal swabs. Scat samples are not accepted as we are not a PC2 facility.
  3. All samples must be accompanied by a completed Dingo Sample Sheet for DNA Testing
  4. Payment is required before DNA testing can be commenced (evidence of payment or a cheque must be sent with samples).
  5. The average turnaround time for dingo genetic testing is 4-6 weeks.


  • The cost of dingo genetic testing per sample is $200.00 (GST included)
  • Bulk discounts may apply for large numbers of samples (multiples of 45 or 93). Please contact Professor Ballard for a quote and further information.

Payment Options

  • By credit card when booking online - please print and send copy of online order page with evidence of credit card payment
  • By cheque after booking online - pease print and send copy of online order page with your cheque

Booking Tests

All tests should be booked online as the first step.

**Click here for online booking of Dingo DNA tests**

Mailing address for submission of samples after booking online:

Dingo Genetic Testing - Ballard Lab
School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences

  • Upper Campus Store
  • E26, Bioscience South
  • LG018 Loading Dock
  • Via Gate 11 Botany Street
  • UNSW Kensington
  • NSW 2052

Each sample must be accompanied by:

  1. Completed Dingo Sample Sheet.
  2. Copy of online order confirmation page.
  3. Receipt/evidence of payment, or cheque for full payment amount.

Please address all inquiries to Professor Bill Ballard: w.ballard@unsw.edu.au Phone +612 9385-2021