Advice for Prospective Postgraduate Students

The School of BABS is home to a number of active research groups that provide opportunities for postgraduate research students to work towards a PhD degreeMasters by Research or Graduate Diploma. For international students, we also offer a Master of Philosophy. Information on all programs can be found in the UNSW Online Handbook.

The School welcomes interest from potential postgraduate students from within Australia and overseas. There are five key components of the process towards undertaking a research degree in the School. These are outlined below:

1) First and most importantly, it is essential that you identify an appropriate academic supervisor in BABS and obtain their agreement prior to submitting an application for postgraduate study. Please see the BABS HDR Information Handbook for supervisors and research areas. It is recommended that you peruse the School's current research clusters to obtain an understanding of the areas of study available within BABS. You should try and align your topic of interest with the research area of one of the affiliated academics. Contact details for individuals can be found in the BABS Staff Directory. Another option is to view the current BABS Honours Information Booklet (the projects in this booklet are particularly relevant for prospective Graduate Diploma & MPhil students).  

It is recommended that you send an electronic copy of your CV and academic transcript to potential supervisors. When you do communicate with potential supervisors, please also ensure that you indicate clearly that you have:

(a) appropriate visa status (or will apply for same); and

(b)available funding to cover both living expenses and the university's tuition fees.

NB: If you submit an application for postgraduate study without a nominated supervisor, it is likely to be declined. Identifying and negotiating with prospective supervisors is up to you, and you will need to align your topic of interest with the research area of one of our School’s academics. Your ideal supervisor will be knowledgeable in your topic of interest, have good research skills and experience, and be someone you feel you can work well with. Choosing the right supervisor is very important. It is recommended that you meet and/or correspond with those academics in BABS that you feel have expertise in your area of interest to identify the best person to ask to be your supervisor. Note, however, that as most of our academic staff receive between 50 and 200 requests from prospective postgraduate students each year, please understand they may not always be able to assist you.

2) Overseas postgraduate students must obtain an appropriate visa that allows them to study in Australia. Please refer to the Australian Dept of Home Affairs website and the UNSW International website to ensure you are aware of the specific requirements in regard to obtaining the correct visa. This process can be very time-consuming, so please make sure you know what is required.
3) All entry requirements for the particular degree must be met (for instance, an Honours undergraduate degree is generally a pre-requisite for entry into a PhD program). Admission criteria are an academic matter and you will need to provide evidence that you have attained the appropriate pre-requisites for the degree you are applying for. 

4) Please note that the School does not provide scholarships to support either living expenses or tuition fees for postgraduate students. The cost of living in Sydney is high, and part-time employment may not be readily available or permitted under some visa conditions. Accordingly, it is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate funding to cover both of these necessities. The University of NSW does provide some postgraduate scholarship opportunities, which can be found on the UNSW Graduate Research Scholarships website and the UNSW Scholarships website. 

Please note BABS has some scholarship opportunities available for students once they are enrolled including PhD top-up scholarships for scholarship holders.

5) All applicants, whether domestic or international, are required to demonstrate that their English language ability meets the UNSW entry criteria. Full information on the English language requirements of this University is available on the UNSW Admissions Office website.

Ready to apply for admission to UNSW?

Please see the Graduate Research Submit an Application webpage if you are applying for PhD, MSc or MPhil. Students can apply for the UNSW scholarships during their admission application.

All applications for entry to UNSW for postgraduate study (Graduate Diploma) must be submitted via UNSW Apply Online. You will then be advised of details of all the necessary documentation that you need to provide, including proof of contact with your proposed supervisor.

Further information specific to research study is available on the Graduate Research School website, including tuition fees. Please note that the Graduate Research School administers postgraduate research study only. Postgraduate coursework (Graduate Diploma) and undergraduate programs are administered by UNSW Student Hub