Biosciences Student Office

The Biosciences Student Office is the enquiry centre for current students in the schools of BABS (Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences) and BEES (Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences).


Room G06, Ground Floor
Biological Sciences North Building (D26)

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

School Representative

BABS (Undergraduate and Honours)
Julna Zhao
Student Advisor (BABS)
Tel: +61 (2) 9385 8915
Email - Current Students: Student portal web form / Future Students: Ask a Question

If you are a BABS or BEES student, visit the Biosciences Student Office for:

  • Assignment submission
  • Enrolment issues
    - Timetable clashes
    - Enrolment without prerequisites
    - Waiting lists for full courses
  • Academic/Program advice
    - Major study plans
    - Prerequisite queries
    - Elective and General Education choices
    - Course information
    - Variation of program
    - Progress checks
    - Referral/Probation
  • Student exchange credit
  • Honours
    - Prospective students (how to apply, eligibility requirements)
    - Current students
  • Calculator approvals
What we don’t do and who does it!


  • Assessment Cover Sheet (individual)
    This page must be attached to all assessments lodged at the Biosciences Student Office by an individual student.
  • Group Cover Sheet
    This page is to be attached to any single assignment that is being submitted on behalf of more than one student to the Biosciences Student Office.