Study Plan for 3053 Biotechnology Students

To be awarded the Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology), students must complete a minimum number of courses from the School of BABS, and undertake a compulsory Honours year. To qualify for Honours, students must achieve an overall credit average, and also a credit average for Stage 3 courses.

Further information on the 3053 program can also be found on the UNSW Online Handbook.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 3053 program
  • Do I have to do BIOS1101 and PHYS1121 for my first year electives?
    No, these are recommended courses only. Students may choose any other Stage 1 course from any UNSW Faculty. Elective suggestions can be found here.
  • Can I choose a course other than BIOS2011/CHEM2021/CHEM2041/PHSL2101/PHAR2011 as my Stage 2 elective?
    No. You must select your Stage 2 elective from one of these five courses.
  • Can I choose a Stage 1 or Stage 2 course for my Stage 3 elective?
    No. Your Stage 3 elective must be a level 3 course. It can be from any UNSW Faculty, however you may find it easier to find courses within the Science Faculty or the School of BABS as most stage 3 courses have prerequisite restrictions. Elective suggestions can be found here.
  • I do not want to do Honours. Can I still graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)?
    No. You will need to apply for an internal transfer to the program 3970 which is a Bachelor of Science. Note, however, that you can still choose to major in biotechnology within the 3970 Program. Please contact the Science Student Centre for more information regarding internal transfers.
  • As a 3053 student, am I automatically accepted into the BABS Honours program?
    No, all 3053 students must formally apply for Honours. Information on how to apply can found here. Students must meet BABS honours eligibility requirements to be accepted. If students do not meet these requirements, they will be removed from the 3053 Program and will graduate with a 3970 Bachelor of Science (with a major in biotechnology). 

If you require further assistance with planning your degree, please arrange an appointment with the BABS Student Advisor (