BABS Study Plans (for students who commenced their program before 2012)

The following study plans depict the courses required for completion by students to be awarded with majors in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Medical microbiology and Immunology or Genetics. These study plans are only valid for students who commenced their program before 2012. Students who commenced their program in 2012 must follow different study plans available here.

Study plans are provided for Science (3970) and Advanced Science (3972).

Bachelor of Science 3970
Bachelor of Science (Advanced) 3972
Combined Degrees

Major plans may differ slightly in combined degrees. Students in combined degrees are advised to check the UNSW Online Handbook (according to the year of program commencement) for study plans.

Double Majors

Science Electives and Free Electives may be used to complete a double major. Students are restricted in the number of courses that can be double-counted between two majors. Only 12uoc (units of credit) of stage 2 courses and 6uoc of stage 3 courses may be counted towards both majors. There are no double-counting restrictions on stage 1 courses.

Need help?

If you require further assistance with planning your degree, please arrange an appointment with the BABS Student Advisor (