Elective and General Education Course Suggestions

The purpose of this page is to provide those students who are undertaking BABS majors with suggestions for choosing science electives, free electives and general education courses. 

NB: Students need to refer to the UNSW Handbook published the year they started their Program for relevant Program guidelines.

Differences between science electives, free electives and general education courses:

Science electives are courses offered by any School within the Faculty of Science. The prefix for all Schools in the Faculty of Science are listed below. Students are only permitted to select courses with these prefixes for their Science electives.

Free electives can be courses offered by the Faculty of Science (see table above) OR offered by any other Faculty at UNSW. Note that students are NOT permitted to select ‘GEN’-coded courses for their free electives.

General Education courses must be courses that are NOT offered by the Faculty of Science. Further information on General Education courses together with a comprehensive list of courses available can be found in the UNSW Online Handbook. BABS student may choose any course from this list EXCEPT those listed under the Faculty of Science. 

Rules regarding Stage 1 courses

Students are reminded that a maximum of 72 units of credit of Level I courses can be taken throughout their Program. These 72 units of credit include any 'GEN' course or mainstream Level I course taken to fulfil the 12 UOC General Education requirement.