Paper of the Month

Each month, the School awards a Paper of the Month prize to an academic who published a paper in a journal with the highest impact factor (IF) of all the submissions for that month. To be eligible, the paper must have an IF =/>3, and the submitting academic must be the first or the corresponding author for the paper. 




May: Dr Megan Lenardon, for her paper 'Rational Design of an Antifungal Polyacrylamide Library with Reduced Host-Cell Toxicity', published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, which has an IF of 8.758. Read more about Dr Lenardon's research and teaching activity here

June: Professor Rob Yang, for his paper 'TMEM41B and VMP1 are scramblases and regulate the distribution of cholesterol and phosphatidylserine', published in the Journal of Cell Biology, which has an IF of 10.6. Read more about Professor Yang's research and teacihng activity here


(Previous winners coming soon)