Industry Engagement

BABS engagement with industry and government facilitates BABS faculty and students to develop the skills and networks to translate and commercialise biotechnology and life science research.

BABS Industry Partners - 6 dec 2021

BABS Advisory Committee

Through consultation with our industry advisory committee, BABS research and education strategies are aligned with the needs of the industry.

Commercial Ventures

BABS Faculty and alumni are involved in commercial ventures in a number of start-ups and established companies, including:

  • Bondi Bio  is a solar bioengineering company focused on producing traditionally plant-derived Natural Products from light, water and carbon dioxide.
  • Continuum Biosciences is focussed on developing innovative drugs to improve mitochondrial health by targeting metabolic disease and disorders.
  • Continual-G  manufactures a proprietary form of Gamma – Glutamylcysteine (GCG) which is required to produce the powerful antioxidant Glutathione, a critical molecule required to maintain health. 
  • Denova Sciences offers skin testing services using a proprietary in vitro human skin technology. Read about this start-up success here

Partnerships with Industry

BABS has many partnerships with industry, a number of which have been awarded Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects Grants, supporting partnerships with Microbiogen Pty Ltd, Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust and Nutromics Pty ltd. Our Recombinant Products Facility (RPF) provides protein production and purification services for academic and industry researchers. Other partnerships include;

  • Bondi Bio  

  • Drop Bio An Australian digital health and biotechnology company focused on measuring and tracking chronic inflammation, has taken up residency at BABS to enable companies to access and utilise university facilities and forge deeper relationships between the University and industry partners.

  • AusBiotech is the leading Australian industry body representing and advocating for organisations in the global biotechnology and life sciences industry; BABS Faculty are represented on the NSW AusBiotech Committee.

    AusBiotech website offer key industry facts and membership as an Academic or Student  offers free access to State-based networking events, student volunteering opportunities, industry news, investments and the BiotechTalksLibrary covering up-to-date information on the industry. 



The Bridge Program

BABS at UNSW is one of 13 national partners of The Bridge Program

The Bridge Program delivers education programs that equips early- and mid-career researchers, academics and entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge, skills and to enable successful commercialisation of Australian pharmaceutical and biotechnology research.

The Bridge Program is supported by the government body MTPConnect, with industry-matched funding from major pharmaceutical companies and BABS at UNSW.

Members of the BABS faculty are Program participants and steering committee members of The Bridge Program.

Applications for the 2021 Program can be found

The Bridge and BridgeTech REDI Program

The MTPConnect Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) Initiative, supported by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), focusses on developing the skills and training of Australia’s medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and digital health sectors.

The Bridge and BridgeTech REDI Program provides for 20 funded industry placement fellowships per year for early- and mid-career researchers, academics and entrepreneurs. Learn more about BABS academics experiences in REDI here.

Applications for the 2021 REDI Program can be found at


Career and Development from Graduate Research School

The HDR Industry Engagement SharePoint Site in 2021 outlines the range of industry engagement activities available at UNSW. The site includes information about industry internships, external supervision, industry mentoring, funding opportunities and the UNSW-CSIRO Industry PhD Program. Learn more at and visit the HDR Extend Your Career website.

UNSW Founders Progra

The Founders Program is UNSW's platform to embed entrepreneurship on campus and supports students, staff and alumni to build entrepreneurship skills, and found and grow real companies.

Entrepreneurial HDR (eHDR) Badge for PhD students and alumni

Earn your eHDR Badge by completing learning modules online designed to build your skills in Discovery, Translation, Application and Commercialisation.

Research Making Impact (RMI) for Academics

RMI, a collaboration between UNSW Founders and Knowledge Exchange, is a 4-week program is a comprehensive professional development program designed to support Academics in developing confidence and capability to define the potential pathways to social, economic, cultural and environmental impact. RMI will also build basic capabilities in critical interpersonal and technical skills required for the successful engagement of external partners, collaborators and funding bodies to make positive change in the world. Read more here


Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS) 

UNSW is a member of the IMNIS Program Mentoring which connects motivated second and third year PhD students and early career post-doctoral fellows (mentees) in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with influential, high-level industry leaders (mentors) in a one-year industry mentoring and professional development program.

Current second and third year PhD students and early career post-doctoral fellows wanting to increase their understanding of industry, build their skills, professional networks and understanding of their future opportunities can visit and enquire at the Graduate Research School at



Australian Postgraduate Research Intern (APR.Intern) is Australia’s only national PhD internship program spanning all sectors and disciplines. Supported by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment and MTPConnect’s Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative, the program connects PhD students with industry through short-term paid research projects, empowering students to thrive in a practical research environment. For businesses, APR.Intern is a platform to access Australia’s brightest research talent and tap into new worlds of innovation. Learn more about the experience of BABS PhD students here and read this testimonial from BABS PhD student here


Visualise Your Thesis Competition for HDR candidates

This is a great opportunity to create a “visual elevator pitch” and develop your pitching skills. Read more here


Cicada Innovations

UNSW is a founding shareholder of Cicada Innovations, Australia’s pioneer deep tech incubator which supports aspiring entrepreneurs and employees of start-ups and deep tech innovators to validate, commercialise and scale high impact technologies globally. Seminars, workshops, mentoring and networking events are available. Cicada also supports the Emerge tech & STEM Careers Expo for students.

Guest Lecturers 

Our BABS courses benefit from the input of experts in the industry. Guest lecturers provide relevant experience, information and perspective, and offer opportunities to engage with industry. Some of BABS current guest lecturers include:

  • Dr Philip Bell, Head of Research - Microbiogen, for BABS2011 Current Trends in Biotechnology
  • Professor Alison Todd, Chief Scientific Officer & Founder of SpeeDx Pty Ltd, for BABS2011 Current Trends in Biotechnology
  • Phil Hayes-St Clair, Co-Founder & CEO of Drop Bio, for BABS3071 Commercial Biotechnology
  • Sylvie Tso, Principal of Spruson & Ferguson Lawyers Pty Ltd, for BABS3071 Commercial Biotechnology
  • Simon Uzcilas, Director of Four Hats Capital Pty Ltd, for BABS3071 Commercial Biotechnology
  • Dr James Brown, Chief Science Officer of Bondi Bio, for BABS3071 Commercial Biotechnology
  • John Martin, Chairman of BioPoint / Former CEO of Regeneus, for BABS3071 Commercial Biotechnology
  • Dr Christian Toouli, Executive Director of Bio-Link, for BABS3071 Commercial Biotechnology
  • David Burt, Director of Entrepreneurship at UNSW, for BABS3071 Commercial Biotechnology
  • Dr James Neilson, Bayer Crop Sciences, for BABS3071 Commercial Biotechnology
  • Dr Rohan Baker, Senior Principal Research Scientist at Genetic Signatures for BABS3061 Medical Biotechnology