Future Bachelor Degree Students

The dynamic 3-4 year curriculum for each BABS undergraduate degree program is designed to give students rigorous training in the modern sciences and foster an analytical approach to problem solving. The first year of each degree provides students with a strong foundation in biology, chemistry and mathematics, forming a solid base of knowledge for the advanced coursework specific to each subject area, known as a 'major'.

BABS offers the following majors in Biotechnology, Molecular and Cell Biology, Genetics and Microbiology. Click here for overviews of these four study areas.

A fourth Honours year is available in a number of BABS degree programs and can be undertaken by students who have maintained a credit average or above. The Honours year involves a full-time research project supervised by a UNSW researcher. More information about the benefits of Honours is available on the BABS Honours page.

Upon completion of the Bachelor degree, graduates may find a wide variety of career opportunities in industry. Visit the BABS Careers page for further information.

babs undergraduate degree programs

Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)
4 years duration

Specialised degrees offer a more structured study program directed towards employment in a particular professional career. The Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) provides comprehensive training in all aspects of the multi-disciplinary field of biotechnology. The program includes fundamental teaching in the life sciences, applications of these principles and discussion of commercial and patent considerations. It also incorporates a research-based Honours year providing students with greater experience and confidence in the practice of scientific methods.

Bachelor of Science
3 years duration

This degree provides the widest range of options for study in more than 20 fields of science, providing flexibility and choice as well as insights into different scientific fields. This program also allows students to choose electives from the Faculties of Business, Arts, Social Science or Engineering.

Advanced Science (Honours)
4 years duration

The Advanced Science program is designed to challenge talented students, providing an early window into the thinking and practice of research. This program differs from the Bachelor of Science by the inclusion of advanced level courses, an Honours year, and options tailored to an individual's aptitude and interests. Students will develop a working knowledge in areas of scientific investigation, and gain practical experience in research and discovery techniques.

Bachelor of Science (International)
4 years duration

The Bachelor of Science (International) degree offers flexibility and choice, with more than 20 fields of study combined with a study exchange to an overseas partner institution. The program comprises a science-based major; a minor in a language; electives that cover cultural studies, international business, development studies and globalisation; and an overseas exchange for 2 sessions at an approved partner university. The Faculty of Science provides students with a contribution towards the expenses of the overseas exchange.

Bachelor of Science and Business
3 years duration

The Bachelor of Science and Business degree allows students to follow their passion for science and, at the same time, gain vitally important business knowledge to expand their career options. In addition to completing a science major, students select business courses in marketing, business law and/or management.  

Dual Degrees
4 to 6 years duration

The Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Advanced Science can be combined with other degree programs. These are known as dual degrees - two degree programs taken in parallel resulting in the award of two degrees. Dual degrees enable students to combine a Science program with a program from another faculty (eg. Law, Education, Arts, Business, Engineering, Social Sciences) offering greater flexibility to explore individual interests, expand skill bases and broaden career prospects.

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how do I apply?

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