Honours Degree

The BSc (Hons) course in the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences provides an opportunity for students to experience the thrill of scientific research first-hand. Honours students become part of a research team within the school and complete an original research project and thesis during the year-long program.

Benefits of an Honours Degree

The Honours degree is an important first step for students who intend to enrol in a graduate degree program. However this is not the only role of the Honours degree. Evidence gathered over the past ten years or more has shown that Honours graduates acquire greater competence and confidence in the practice of scientific methods than can be achieved by the end of the third year. These attributes are well-recognised by employers and greatly increase the possibilities of gainful employment in industry, agriculture, hospitals or research organisations.

To achieve these training goals, BABS honours students will be exposed to:

  • extensive use of information technology
  • extensive training in oral and written presentation skills
  • extensive use of online database manipulation and data analysis
  • exposure to industrial research collaborations and commercialisation of science, both nationally and internationally
  • development of critical thinking skills

Another benefit of the Honours year is that it provides for a different type of learning experience. The pace is largely determined by the individual student and is not burdened by the pressures of undergraduate coursework and exams. It is a time for unhurried, rational decision-making on the student's scientific future; it is not "just another year of study". While successful completion of an honours research project and thesis requires a large commitment on the part of the student, the student's dedication is rewarded with a high degree of enjoyment and personal satisfaction.