How to Apply for Honours


Students are invited to express interest in enrolling in the BABS Honours program by submitting the appropriate form/s. For all students, acceptance is contingent upon satisfying UNSW admission and academic requirements, and required resources being available within the School of BABS.

Finding Potential Projects and Supervisors

Carefully review all the information in the current (2019) BABS Honours Booklet and decide which supervisors you wish to contact for further discussion. It is essential to spend time with prospective supervisors and discuss the details of potential projects before submitting your preferences.

Email is the preferred communication method. When contacting prospective supervisors, please ensure that you: 
(a) identify which research project you are interested in, and why
(b) indicate which semester you wish to commence your Honours year (semester 1 or 2)
(c) advise your availability times for a face-to-face interview
(d) attach a copy of your CV and academic transcript.

A total of five potential supervisors and projects must be selected and ranked in order of preference on the application form, bearing in mind that each supervisor has a limited capacity to take on new students. At least three choices must be from within BABS: a maximum of two choices may be external supervisors/ projects. Applicants will be allocated to supervisors based on academic merit and available resources.

Applicants in a UNSW embedded Honours program

e.g. Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours), Advanced Science (Honours)

  1. Complete the Category B ‘Intention to Undertake Honours’ form available on the Science Student Centre website:

Internal UNSW applicants and external applicants

Applying for 4500 Honours

  1. Complete the Category A ‘Intention to Undertake Honours’ form available on the Science Student Centre website:
  2. Apply for 4500 Science (Honours) on this website: 

International students need to follow the steps on the UNSW International Office ‘How to Apply’ page:  (State that you are applying for Honours only).

Applications for Term 1 2019 are now open!

DEADLINE for Term 1 2019 applications is 5pm Friday, Week 13 (26th October)

Term 3 2019

Applications open from Friday 17th May 2019

Deadline for Term 3 applications is 5pm Friday 26th July 2019

**  Click here for a timeline of the typical BABS Honours application process **

NB: Applications will not be considered unless five project preferences are listed.

Click here for FAQs regarding Honours applications.