Jayne Liu: BABS international student to intern to job

Jayne Liu’s journey from international student to honours to intern to job is a great example of the benefits of perseverance!

Jayne began her journey with an Honours degree in the laboratory of A/Prof Belinda Ferrari. After finishing her Honours, Jayne began the journey of the job 

Jayne Liu
Photo: Jayne after submitting her Honours thesis.

search…a real challenge for an international student with a temporary visa during a pandemic.

Hard work paid off as Jayne managed to get a three-month internship with DSM Food Specialities, a leading global supplier of specialty food enzymes, cultures, bio-preservation solutions, hydrocolloids, savory ingredients and solutions for sugar reduction. Here in Sydney, DSM specializes in the production of cultures for the dairy industry including cheese, yoghurt, and other fermented milk products.

Jayne’s Honours degree was a real benefit, as she arrived at her internship with sound skills and understanding of research procedures, but her internship really helped provide the commercial perspective of research applications.

Jayne’s internship involved learning how to apply her practical skills in a commercial microbiology lab in the production of lactic acid bacterial start cultures for the dairy industry. Jayne enjoyed the R & D optimisation and quality improvement of a real production process and appreciated how she could contribute her microbiology skills when ‘things go wrong’.

What Jayne really appreciates is the opportunity that DSM offered her, highlighting the company’s strong emphasis on employee development and company culture. DSM has been involved in collaborative research with BABS and the former Dept of Biotechnology for over 40 years, focussing on developing bacteria resistant to bacteriophage infection, as well as optimising downstream processing strategies. Many BABS undergraduates and postgraduates have gone onto work at DSM in various technical and management roles.

And Jayne is very happy to now be a full-time and committed employee of DSM and appreciative of the diverse and supportive DSM company culture!