John Mattick


Fields of research:  Genomics, bioinformatics, RNA biology, human evolution and development, brain function and epigenetics

Research Interests:  How genetic information controls our development in biology and medicine, specifies our idiosyncracies and affects our disease susceptibilties. These questions are now amenable to analysis by the extraordinary developments in DNA sequencing.  We are exploring the dimensions and mechanisms of action of this massive hidden layer of genetic information especially the superimpostion of plasticity on the system to enable learning and memory. (

Broad research areas:  Developmental Biology, Neuroscience, Genomics

Qualifications: AO, FAA, FAHMS, FRSN, HonFRCPA,BSc (Honsl) syd, Phd Monash, 

Society Memberships & Professional Activities: Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, Associate member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation, Fellow Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, Member of the Council of the Human Genome Organisation, Founding Director of the Australian Genome Research Facility (1996-2002), past member of NHMRC Research Committee and Australian Health Ethics Committee (1197-2003), past chair of Genome Canada Committees, Founding Director Institute of Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland, Executive Director Garvan Institute of Medical Research (2012 - present), Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, Fellowship of the Royal Society of NSW

Specific Research Keywords: RNA structure-function relationships RNA editing and modification, RNA regulatory networks and evolution, RNA regulation of epigentics processes, RNA control of cognition, neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disease, human genomic variation and plasticity.