Mark Van Asten

Adjunct Senior Lecturer


Journal articles
Crawford A; Holliday J; Merrick C; Brayan J; van Asten M; Bowling L, 2017, 'Use of three monitoring approaches to manage a major Chrysosporum ovalisporum bloom in the Murray River, Australia, 2016', Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, vol. 189,
Chew CB; Zheng F; Byth K; Van Asten M; Workman C; Dwyer DE, 1999, 'Comparison of three commercial assays for the quantification of plasma HIV-1 RNA from individuals with low viral loads [1]', AIDS, vol. 13, pp. 1977 - 1978,
Moaven L; Locarnini SA; van Asten M; Crofts N, 1995, 'Seroepidemiology of hepatitis E in selected Australian populations', Journal of Medical Virology, vol. 45, pp. 326 - 330,