NSW Chief Scientist Officially Opens New Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics


The new BioScience South Building includes a new custom-designed facility for the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics, the largest university-based facility of its kind in Australia. 

NSW Chief Scientist Professor Mary O’Kane officially opened the new facility on 24 July. The Centre is dedicated to supporting research by offering genomic services to academic and industry-based research groups at UNSW and Australia-wide and is one of the few facilities in Australia that accommodates a full suite of genomics technologies and links these together using process management software.

Full details can be read on the UNSW news website.
edit_1.jpgL-R Mary O'Kane, NSW Chief Scientist; Rebecca Johnson, Australian Museum Research Institute; Nicholas Fisk, UNSW Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research); Emad El-Omar, Microbiome Research Centre; and Marc Wilkins, Ramaciotti Centre inspect one of the new technology platforms. Photo: Grant Turner/Mediakoo.

edit_21.jpgBABS Professor Marc Wilkins,Director of the Ramaciotti Centre.