Nirmani Wijenayake Gamachchige


I am an education-focused academic at the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences. I am known as a leader in my school for developing and integrating online resources and technology into teaching to enhance the student experience, increase engagement and provide students with a personalized education. I also have a major role in conducting numerous outreach activities for High School students, mentoring others around online learning, and developing resources for the professional development of sessional staff. 

    • 2021: Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)
    • 2020: UNSW Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (General)
    • 2019: UNSW Presidents Award for Embraces Diversity - UNSW Women in Maths & Science Champions (Science) 
    • 2016 - 2021:13 Titans of Teaching Awards for Best Course and/or Teaching in the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences
    • 2017: Scientia Education and Innovation Fund (SEIF#4)
      Blended transactional learning: a sustainable feedback model for developing teaching capabilities of sessional staff, L. Lutze-Mann, N. Wijenayake, K. Snepvasngers, L. Jo, K. Thomson, J. Wilson, V. Yeung, $45000
    • 2015: UNSW Learning and Teaching Innovation Grants (SEF# 4)
      Integration of Real and Virtual Experiences in Undergraduate Laboratories, G. Kornfeld, L. Lutze-Mann, P. Polly, N. Wijenayake, R. LeBard, $20000
    • 2015: UNSW Learning and Teaching Innovation Grants (SEF# 4)
      Assessment, analytics, and personalised feedback for building undergraduate technical and analytical skills using virtual laboratories, P. Polly, L. Lutze-Mann, T. Thai, N. Wijenayake, $20000

    My Education Portfolio can be accessed from here.