Health & Safety Consultation at UNSW

UNSW recognises the valuable contribution employees make to ensuring that the workplace is safe and healthy. The University is committed to the principle of consultation on matters pertaining to health, safety and welfare to capitalise on the knowledge, skills and dedication to health and safety within the UNSW community, and to meet the consultation requirements for employees as specified in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

WHS consultation processes, resources and tools are defined in UNSW HSMS Element 3 - Consultation

How to Resolve Health & Safety Issues in BABS

Managers and employees must use the established WHS consultation arrangements when attempting to resolve problems. The steps to resolution of such problems are outlined below:

Step 1: Problem reported to supervisor or manager by an employee.

Step 2: If not resolved, the employee reports the problem to their WHS Representative or Chair of the BABS L3 WHS Committee, who will have discussions with the relevant supervisor/manager.

Step 3: If not resolved, the WHS Representative or Chairperson will refer the issue to either their Level 2 WHS Committee, or to the Level 1 WHS Committee if the issue has university–wide implications.

Step 4: If not resolved, the WHS Representative or Chairperson of the Level 3 WHS Committee can invite a WorkCover NSW inspector to attend the workplace to assist in the resolution of the issue.

Advice on WHS problem resolution should be sought from the relevant Faculty or Divisional WHS Coordinator. Managers and employees must work cooperatively to resolve WHS problems, and should notify the Faculty of Science WHS Coordinator, Lance Islip prior to requesting assistance from WorkCover NSW.

For further details please consult the UNSW Consultation Procedure


The BABS Level 3 WHS Committee meets every month. Should you have any WHS issue that needs to be raised at the committee meeting, please advise the BABS WHS manager. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact the BABS WHS manager directly. Minutes and constitution template can be accessed by staff on the BABS shared drive in the WHS minutes folder, or by contacting the committee secretary.

Chair:         Ms Theresa Kahwati:
Secretary:   TBC

Head of School Professor Andrew Brown 

Mr Lance Islip - Faculty of ScienceHealth & Safety Coordinator

Ms Penny McCracken - BEES H&S Manager (Acting)

Workgroup Management Representative

Associate Professor Kyle Hoehn

Dr Jai Tree

WHS Manager

Ms Theresa Kahwati

Workgroup Employee Representatives

Dr Tim Williams

Dr Erika Becker

Professional & Technical

Dr Jeff Welch 

Dr Elessa Marendy

Mr Nedhal Elkaid

Workgroup Student Representative

Undergraduate and
Postgraduate Students

Mr Caio Damski (Waters Lab)