Emergency Management


n case of emergencies contact the UNSW Emergency Management Unit
on (02) 938 56666 (x56666) or Freecall 1800 626 003

You should become familiar with the UNSW Emergency Procedures flip chart, which should be on display or available in all laboratories and offices.

Procedure for emergencies

1. STAY CALM and advise the following people of the emergency:

  • Your work colleagues
  • Your supervisor
  • Any students in the area

2. Dial Extension 56666

  • Tell UNSW Security your Name, Location (Building, Floor, Room Number) and what the emergency is.

3. When leaving the building:

  • Leave via the nearest safe EXIT (fire stairs)
  • Follow directions of wardens or security staff

4. When leaving your building, assemble at the designated assembly area:

  • The designated assembly area for Biological Sciences South and North and Wallace Wurth Buildings is in the Michael Birt Gardens in front of the Chancellery Building (opposite Clancy Auditorium).
  • The designated assembly area for Samuels Building is the Michael Birt Lawns (outside the Biological Sciences Building).
  • In the event of both Biological Sciences and Samuels evacuating simultaneously, assemble in the Michael Birt Gardens in front of the Chancellery Building (opposite Clancy Auditorium).


Biological Sciences E26 and D26 Principal First Aid Officers - first point of contact






Elessa Marendy


0431 917 510

D26 L1 130


Owen Sprod


0407 817 127

D26 L1 130


 Jackie Chan       



E26 L2 West


 Natalia Castano Rodriguez       



E26 L3 East


Sally Crane



E26 L4 West


Theresa Kahwati

X51578 diverts to Mobile


D26 L1 140



 A list of building wardens may be found in workspaces, if the list is missing from your local area please contact the appropriate Chief Warden for your building or alternatively contact the School HSE Co-ordinator.

Other BABS WHS Contacts

The following people should be contacted in regard to specific areas. If you are unable to contact those specified below or are uncertain of the precise nature of the hazard, please contact the BABS HSE Co-ordinator. 


Specialist area

Phone Extension

Theresa Kahwati

Chemicals / D26 Chief Warden / Incident Response

x51578 M: 0415262633

Jason Sercombe

(or Theresa Kahwati)

Radiation / Biological

x51821 M: 0407486624

Jeff Welch

OGTR / AQIS / PC2 Laboratories / Electrical

x51480 M: 0432605554

Dixie Papast

Chemicals / E26 Chief Warden

x58750 M: -

Derek Williamson

Samuels Chief Warden G04A (Museum)

X52190 M: 0409901111

Ted Crawford

Wallace Wurth Chief Warden 358 (Medicine)

x51171 M: 0413482689

BABS large-scale spill kits

On each research and teaching floor, there is a large spill kit available for use wherein the event of a spill, you may require more resources. Do not attempt a large spill management on your own always escalate and notify others of the incident.


For all spills please refer to the manufacturers SDS, these can be obtained from UNSW ChemAlert and the UNSW spills procedure HS421 Chemical Spills Guideline and specialist procedures for Mercury, radiation and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB’s).