Training for BABS Staff and Students

All staff or students intending to work in the School of BABS are required to undertake formal WHS induction. Where required, they must also undertake specific training for particular work areas.

induction Documents

The following documents are for use by BABS supervisors when bringing new staff, students, visitors or contractors into their work area.

All Staff



Estate Management has introduced a new contractor management system – all contractors must be registered and obtain their ID cards, to do this refer to this link:

If you have any other questions regarding contractors do not hesitate to contact your HSE  Co-ordinator.

Training guide for babs staff and students

Listed below are the training requirements for BABS staff and research students. For further details please refer to the BABS Training Needs Analysis document (See BABS documents page) or contact the BABS WHS Manager.

To register for WHS training courses please log in to myUNSW. Click on My Staff Profile, then under My Staff Services click on Training Registration.

  • All necessary training must be completed before beginning major research or other work.

  • Note to supervisors: Due to specialised research undertaken in many research groups, there may be other training that your staff and students need to complete (e.g. provided by scientific companies for scientific equipment/ techniques). Please ensure you organise any extra training required.


UNSW/BABS Training Required

Office-based staff

Mandatory training
Current forms available from UNSW WHS Training 

  • UNSW HSE Induction (HS006)
  • Online WHS Awareness (via myUNSW)
  • Online Ergonomics (via myUNSW)
  • BABS WHS local induction (equipment; emergency procedures)
  • Review the UNSW WHS Workstation Setup procedures

Summer Scholarship, Honours & Practicum Students

Mandatory training

PhD & MPhil Students


Mandatory training

Technical Officers
Professional Officers
Research Assistants
Postdoctoral Researchers

Mandatory training

Lab Managers
Postdoctoral Researchers (with significant supervisory responsibilities)

P&T Staff supervising others in a research or teaching lab

Mandatory training

Staff in Other Roles


Floor Wardens - Contact contact BABS WHS manager for:

  • Emergency Management Induction
  • Warden Evacuation Course
  • Extinguisher Training

Chief/Deputy Chief Wardens

  • Chief Warden Course (must have already fulfilled all warden training requirements)

First Aid Officers

  • Emergency Management Induction
  • First Aid Training: enrol via MyUNSW

L3 WHS Committee members

Electrical Tagging & Testing

  • Electrical Safety Testing & Tagging (BABS staff only) contact Dr Jeff Welch: