Current BABS Research Projects

The wide array of scientific research conducted in BABS is represented by the following active research projects in the School, some of which are suitable for Honours or MPhil (BABS) students. A full list of BABS researchers can be found in the BABS Directory, with individual pages providing an overview of their respective research interests.

Research in the School broadly falls into four main disciplines; current research projects are grouped below according to these four categories.

Environmental Microbiology

Professor Rick Cavicchioli
Associate Professor Chris Marquis
Senior Lecturer Dr Brendan Burns
Senior Lecturer Dr Belinda Ferrari (ARC Future Fellow 2018-2021)

Infectious Disease

Professor Hazel Mitchell
Professor Peter White
Associate Professor Ruiting Lan
Associate Professor Mark Tanaka (ARC Future Fellow 2015-18)
Associate Professors Noel Whitaker and Louise Lutze-Mann
Senior Lecturer Dr Megan Lenardon
Senior Lecturer Dr Li Zhang

Molecular Medicine

Professor Merlin Crossley
Associate Professor Vincent Murray
Senior Lecturer Dr Wallace Bridge
Senior Lecturer Dr Michael Janitz
Senior Lecturer Dr Emily Oates
Senior Lecturer Dr Vladimir Sytnyk
Senior Lecturer Dr Jai Tree

Systems and Cellular Biology

Professor Bill Ballard
Professor Andrew Brown
Professor Marc Wilkins
Professor H Rob Yang (NHMRC Senior Research Fellow 2014-18)
Associate Professor Kyle Hoehn
Senior Lecturer Dr Rich Edwards
Senior Lecturer Dr Dominic Glover
Senior Lecturer Dr Irina Voineagu (ARC Future Fellow 2017-2020)
Senior Lecturer Dr Paul Waters
Lecturer Dr Matthew Baker

Alphabetical listing of BABS active research projects