Environmental Microbiology

UNSW has one of the strongest gatherings of world-class microbiologists and biotechnologists in Australia and has for decades been recognised for its internationally competitive advantage in this research area. An underlying philosophy of the research in most Schools in the Faculty of Science is that of 'bench-to-business', or fundamental to applied. Environmental Microbiology forms a top-level research grouping at UNSW that is not only the best in the country by any comparison, but one of the best worldwide. Coupled with the biotechnology sector, we have a strong presence in the pure and applied biosciences.

The members of this research group form a strong critical mass underpinned by research excellence that collectively creates an effective and non-redundant synergy, and addresses globally relevant research themes in:

  • environmental health and sustainability
  • microbial processes
  • biomaterials and nanotechnology
  • environmental genomics
  • biodiversity and conservation
  • bioprospecting for enzyme and drug discovery

Using the latest enabling technologies, these areas of research excellence translate fundamental discovery science into practical societal and economic benefits in the areas of:

  • novel biocatalysts
  • novel bioactives
  • biofilm and biofouling control
  • water quality and water re-use
  • bioremediation and biofuels
  • monitoring and maintaining the health of Australian ecosystems

Current research projects encompass numerous national and international networks with Asian, European and US-based research institutes and universities. These include the Singapore Advanced Environmental Biotechnology Centre, US Dept of Energy Joint Genome Institute, J Craig Venter Institute, Institute of Genome Research, Center of Marine Biotechnology (Baltimore), NSF Centre for Biofilm Engineering (Montana), NASA Institute for Astrobiology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Academic and Research Staff associated with Environmental Microbiology

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