Research Centres and Initiatives

In addition to the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics, BABS hosts the New South Wales Systems Biology Initiative

The SBI was established in mid-2008 with foundation funding from the NSW Office for Science and Medical Research and UNSW as a not-for-profit facility that aims to become Australia’s foremost centre for systems biology. Its mission is to build capabilities and expertise in bioinformatics for genomics and proteomics, and to disseminate this expertise through collaboration. Members undertake basic and applied research in the development and application of bioinformatics for genomics and proteomics. The group will develop systems-level views of the molecular biology of the cell and engage in collaborative projects with other groups.

Activities include:

De novo assembly of genomes


Analysis of RNA-seq data for differential gene expression analysis
Construction and analysis of protein-protein and integrated networks


Using systems biology to link gene and protein expression data to phenotype
Proteomic analysis, to understand the role of protein modifications in intracellular networks