Searching for New Protein Methylation Enzymes

We have recently discovered two new methyltransferases – these are the enzymes that add methyl groups on to proteins (e.g. Couttas et al. 2012). We have a number of other proteins that also have sequence homology to methyltransferases; we need to explore these to understand whether these might also be new methyltransferases. If we can confirm these as new methyltransferases, we then have the task of naming the new enzyme something! Also a lot of fun.

Reference: Couttas TA, Raftery MJ, Padula MP, Herbert BR, Wilkins MR. (2012) Methylation of translation-associated proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Identification of methylated lysines and their methyltransferases. Proteomics. 12(7): 960-72.

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