Systems and Cellular Biology

The Systems and Cellular Biology (SCB) group undertakes research in the biology of eukaryotes. Members of the group have overlapping research foci, many of which have been strengthened by active collaborations and joint research grants and projects.

Members of the SCB research groups use baker’s yeast as a model organism, which provides strong opportunities for scientific collaboration and the sharing of skills. SCB groups are active users of high-technology facilities, with researchers being highly successful in attracting regular competitive Category 1 funding, particularly from the ARC and NHMRC. The group has also been active in securing infrastructure funding in genomics, proteomics and systems biology. Research areas for this group include:

  • Cholesterol and sterols: Professors Andrew Brown and Rob Yang investigate the role of sterols in health and disease using molecular biological approaches in yeast and mammalian systems.
  • Cell stress and ageing: Professors Bill Ballard and Rob Yang investigate the molecular basis of stress and ageing in the model organisms yeast and Drosophila.
  • Genetic mapping of phenotype and disease: Professor Bill Ballard uses genetic and genomic analyses to understand the connection of genotype to phenotype in complex traits.
  • Protein interaction networks and systems biology: Professor Marc Wilkins uses proteomic and transcriptomic technology to define and understand pathways and networks on a global scale.

SCB staff are responsible for the establishment and running of two major centres in the School. Professor Marc Wilkins is the Director of the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics and the founder and Director of the NSW Systems Biology Initiative. Emeritus Professor Ian Dawes is a member of the board. These two initiatives are complementary in that they provide technology, capacity and collaborative expertise in ~omics, which underpins the group. The co-location of two such centres of expertise is notable and serves as a focus for many activities in the SCB group and the School as a whole.

Academic and Research Staff associated with Systems and Cellular Biology

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