UNSW Recombinant Products Facility

The RPF is located within BABS and provides services in cell line development, bioprocess design, protein production services and training to the research community. The facility helps researchers fast track their projects at any stage of a protein production pipeline, from protein production by fermentation to its purification and characterisation. The facility provides cell line development, bioprocess development and protein production services to UNSW and the wider research community, including industry. We also provide training for users to access the facility.

The capabilities of the facility include:

  • Cell line characterisation
  • Bioprocess development and evaluation
  • Microbial fermentation (E.coli and yeast) to 20L
  • Protein and antibody purification (2 AKTA systems available and one HPLC)
  • Protein characterisation and analysis including protein gel electrophoresis,
    Western blotting, HPLC

Further information is available on the website: http://www.proteins.unsw.edu.au/

Associate Professor Chris Marquis (Director)
(612) 9385 3898
Ms Helene Lebhar (Facility Manager)
(612) 9385 2049