Associate Professor Vincent Murray

Associate Professor
257, Biological Sciences Link Wing
(+612) 9385 2028
(+612) 9385 1483

Professional Experience

  • 2002-current: Associate Professor, School of BABS
  • 1990-2001: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, School of BABS
  • Cancer Institute, Melbourne 1982-1990
  • Princeton University 1980-1982

Research Contribution

I have been an active researcher in the field of molecular biology for 30 years.
The overall aim of my lab is to develop more effective cancer chemotherapeutic agents based on cisplatin and bleomycin. Cisplatin and bleomycin are widely used in the clinic: cisplatin is used to treat testicular and ovarian cancer while bleomycin is utilised to treat germ cell tumours, certain types of lymphoma and squamous cell carcinomas. Both compounds are thought to act by damaging DNA inside tumour cells. Cisplatin preferentially targets G-rich DNA sequences while bleomycin targets GT and GC DNA sequences. 

My lab has made significant research contributions, demonstrated by publication of over 65 papers in high profile international refereed journals. I have published 3 papers in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (impact factor 5.8) and 8 in Nucleic Acids Research (impact factor 6.3). One of my Nucleic Acids Research articles has been cited over 400 times; and 13 of my papers have been cited more than 30 times.

I have given seminars at 19 international and local conferences and seminar series and have helped to organise 4 conferences, and was invited to speak at the 6th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology in Beijing in 2008.

Active Research Projects


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