Honours FAQs

Can I start honours in Term 2 and Term 3?

Yes, the School of BABS offers a Term 2 and Term 3 intake, as well as a Term 1 intake.

What is included in the overall WAM and stage 3 Science WAM?

Every course completed in stages 1 to 3 is included in the overall WAM. This includes general education courses. Stage 3 Science WAM includes level 3 courses run by the Faculty of Science (level 3 courses with the prefix: AVIA, BIOS, BEES, CLIM, GEOS, IEST, MSCI, ENVS,BABS, BIOC, BIOT, MICR, CHEM, COMP, FOOD, MATS, MATH, ANAT, NEUR, PATH, PHAR, PHSL, PSYC, PHYS, VISN, SCIF).

I only have one more course left to complete for my program. Can I start Honours and complete my last course at the same time?

No. Students must successfully complete all requirements from stages 1 to 3 of their degree before commencing Honours.

I have one more course to complete for my program but I will be completing this in the summer session before Honours commences in term 1. Am I still allowed to apply for a term 1 start?

Yes. Your Honours application will be assessed in the usual way (see honours application process timeline). If your application is successful, you will be given a conditional offer based on passing your summer session course.  

How do I find out what projects are available?

Honours projects are listed in the latest BABS Honours Information Booklet.

How do I approach potential supervisors for a project?

Email is the preferred way of contacting potential supervisors. Further information on what to include when emailing potential supervisors can be found here.

I have met with a potential supervisor and they have agreed to supervise me. Does this mean I am guaranteed acceptance into Honours?

No. Potential supervisors may express their interest in supervising you for Honours and you may include them in your project preference List, however only the School can formally accept students into Honours and allocate students to supervisors. 

What is an external supervisor?

There are two different categories of approved BABS supervisors: internal (academics/researchers employed by the School) and external. External supervisors are academics employed by other areas in UNSW such as the Faculty of Medicine, or researchers who work in external institutions such as the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute or the Lowy Cancer Research Centre.

Why is there a limit on the number of external supervisors I can nominate in my project preference list?

There are two reasons for this limit: to ensure that a sufficient number of students undertake their Honours project within BABS; and to ensure students have the best possible chance to be allocated a supervisor/project (external supervisors are restricted to only 1 student per intake, making placements very competitive).

Can I request an external supervisor who isn't on the external supervisor list?

No. Students may only nominate approved BABS external supervisors. If you include any external supervisors on your preference list that are not approved, they will be ignored.