Biotechnology Major

Biotechnology can be defined as the use of various biological processes to make products and perform services. Biotechnology is used for the production of food, industrial chemicals, development of improved crops and livestock for farming, environmental clean-up, forensics and the production of pharmaceuticals. Biopharmaceuticals include hormones, vaccines, anti-hypertensive agents, anti-inflammatory agents and new therapies for the treatment of cancer. Modern biotechnology makes practical use of the most recent scientific advances in molecular genetics and molecular cell biology. The sequencing of the human genome and the rapid emergence of high-throughput genomic and proteomic techniques has resulted in a surge of new drug targets.

The world's ability to cope with many environmental, agricultural, manufacturing and medical problems in the 21st century will depend heavily on advances in biotechnology. Bioprocesses are used for environmental remediation, extraction of minerals from low-grade ores, and development of novel processes to treat waste and degrade recalcitrant molecules. 

NB: Biotechnology can be also studied as a 4-year specialised Degree.

Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)

Course Structure

You must take each of the courses below:

  • BIOC2201: Principles of Molecular Biology (offered in T3)
  • MICR2011: Microbiology 1 (offered in T1)
  • BABS2011: Current Trends in Biotechnology (offered in T1)
  • BIOC2101: Principles of Biochemistry (offered in T2)
  • BABS3031: Biotechnology and Bioengineering (offered in T2)
  • BABS3071: Commercial Biotechnology (offered in T1)
  • BABS3061: Medical Biotechnology (offered in T3)
  • BABS3200: Synthetic Biology (offered in T2)

Additional Subjects

*Above are the core courses you must take.

During the course of your degree, you will also need to take:

  • 2 General Education subjects
  • 4 Science Elective subjects
  • 4 Free Elective subjects

Full course structure:

3970 Bachelor of Science with a major in Biotechnology (BIOTA13970)